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The Kea Company Analyst Relations Workshops allow you to dive deeper into the topic of Analyst Relations and bring your Analyst Relations up to the next level. Our development workshops show you how your Analyst Relations teams are working across the major areas of Workshops Grey 500x500analyst relations practice and will identify successes and risks.

You will also be able to evaluate new opportunities to improve your analyst relationships. Choose topics you would like to focus on in the near future and on the long-term view. We offer a unique programme of open and custom professional development sessions for Analyst Relations managers and spokespeople.

We are the world’s largest Analyst Relations consultancy. With over 75 years of combined experience in AR, we can help you to build a capability or sharpen your skills. Whether you are looking for a workshop by one of the founding fathers of the Analyst Relations profession or an on-going coaching programme, we can help.

Analyst Relations Workshop for emerging technology vendors:

Analyst Relations Discovery Workshop: Not sure what Analyst Relations is all about and if it is a fit for your company or you are getting ready to start your Analyst Relations programme? This workshop is tailored to help you to evaluate the potential, and requirements of engaging in analyst relations from your company’s specific situation.

  The Kea Company Discovery Workshop will address the following topics and help you to:

– explore the level of coverage of your technology space

– understand the internal resources required to kick-off the analyst relations program

– plan a budget that aligns with the goals of your AR program

– identify the key analyst firms for your company

– optimize your analyst pitch

– get a better understanding of key content needed for Analyst Relations

– avoid common pitfalls when engaging with analysts.

Training & Development Workshops for Vendor Executives and Analyst Relations professionals looking to enhance the performance of their analyst relations programs:

Spokesperson Training Program: Why train spokespeople in Analyst Relations? The most important currency to the analysts is information. Getting that information directly from the CEO, other executives or program leads makes it not only credibility but also promotes the relationship you are attempting to build. As a consequence, it is in your best interest to improve all executives’ understanding of the analysts, their role in your marketplace to how those specific analysts impact your revenues.

  • The Spokesperson Training Program will address the following topics and help you to:
  • – optimize the engagement: Your company is investing not just in a short-term, personal relationship, but in a long-term, global, revenue-impacting relationship.
  • – differentiate your company, its services and offerings: through every interaction with an analyst you have an opportunity to set your business apart from the competition, clarify and validate your offerings as well as own greater mindshare.
  • – maximize your AR investment: The annual contracts your company has negotiated with Forrester, Gartner, IDC or other research firms are possibly one of the biggest investments in your marketing/communications budget. With ample knowledge about how best to prepare for interactions with analysts, you will be able to make the most of that investment.
  • With this approach, your Spokesperson Training, is broken into five modules. The modules can be combined or delivered separately to your executives, product/service leads or department heads. Each module can be delivered during the course of a 30 minute virtual meeting or in-person at the location of your choosing. Modules can be combined to accommodate your schedule and current AR needs.

Reach out to us if you are interested in one of our workshops or want to arrange for a custom content workshop with one of our experts. Examples for worshop content include the following focus areas:

  • Influencing Analysts Worldwide: This foundation programme outlines the impact of analysts, how they work and how to organize Analyst Relations outreach.
  • Building Analyst Relations Momentum: This managers’ training summarises research into analyst behavior and shows best practices for developing Analyst Relations momentum and operational excellence.
  • Shifting Key Analysts: This advanced training focuses on how to meet the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ needs of tier 1 analysts – and how to measure changes in awareness and perception.
  • AR Special Fokus Programs: This workshop focuses on the requirements and best practices to build a successful ‘focused’ analyst relations program for specific regions/countries or industry verticals.
  • Analyst Firm Budgeting: Make the most of your available budgets. Our specialists will take a look at your current analyst firm spending and work with you to optimise your analyst firm spendings to achieve your goals.
  • Analyst Tiering Workshop: One of the most discussed topics in analyst relations. With limited resources it is often necessary to make decisions which analysts and which analyst firms to target. This workshop not only highlights the different parameters to take into account but also leverages data from Kea’s Analyst Value Survey to assess the impact of analyst firms and the usage patterns of end users.


When you already have a strong on-going Analyst Relations programme, regular counsel and independent feedback on your efforts can make the difference between being a leader or a follower. One of our highly experienced professionals will coach you. Further, she or he will help you to take advantage of every tactic in the book. These sessions will make sure that you keep going on full speed, no matter what the challenges ahead might be.

The approach taken with these coaching and training offerings is that our professionals focus on helping our clients to enhance their performance and job satisfaction while considering the individual, their role, and their organizational context.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We are always looking for meaningful interactions. Moreover, we appreciate you providing us with the information needed to make that happen.

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